2015 Cosplay Games Secret Location Clues


Gather your friends and track down our 10 secret locations (clues listed below) for chances to win. Visit each location to collect raffle tickets from designated volunteers wearing Salt Lake Comic Con shirts. Take an AWESOME photo of your group at each location as well!

Once you’re done, head to The Gateway Fountains for the official Cosplay Games after party! Turn in your raffle tickets to be entered to win tickets, merch, and more. There will be a DJ, food, and fun.

Learn how to WIN the 3rd Annual Cosplay Games

Location Riddles

1. Sit back in your seat

Look up at the stars

I’ll tell you a tale

Of why it’s called Mars


2. Comic Con’s home to

all nerds and geeks

We’ll see you all there

in just a few weeks.


3. In this historic house

The Opera doth dwell

But there’s other stuff too

(Go see Dave Chappelle)


4. Come read the news

From the Honeybee

But if you prefer

Watch on KSL-TV


5. Lay out in the grass

And hear some good tunes

Or glide on the ice skates to

Clair de Lune


6. Here at this place

You won’t catch a train

But you might catch a show

By a band of that name


7. To see the Avengers

And not have to wait

Just pay for a ticket

And head to the Gate.


8. Search through my stacks

You’ll find a rare gem

I’ve got a million stories

But can not tell them


9. Way up in the air

You’ll hear some sick beats

At the Comic Con Bash

(You’ll wanna buy seats)


10. When first I was read

I was called Private Eye

For alternative news

Pick me up, I’m not shy



1. Every team who gets photos at 5 or more locations will get a Thursday Pass for each member. Every team who gets photos at all 10 locations will get a Multipass for each member. (All team members must be present in all photos.) 2. Upload your best photo to the Cosplay Games Facebook Event. The best photo will win a Gold Pass for each member of the team. 3. Best costume will win a pair of Gold Passes

Good Luck! 


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