Official Clues and Instructions for the 4th Annual Cosplay Games

Cosplay Games

Instructions for Cosplay Games

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  1. Start at The Gateway Fountains. This is where each member of your team will need to fill out a waiver, receive a stamp card, and claim their FREE Saturday pass to Craft Lake City. The volunteer team will be present at The Gateway until Noon.
  2. With your team, figure out the location clues listed below.
  3. Visit each location to collect a stamp from designated volunteers wearing Salt Lake Comic Con shirts or in cosplay. Volunteer will be in place by 10am.
  4. Take an AWESOME photo of your group at each location as well!
  5. Visit 5 or more locations to get a Thursday Pass for each member.
  6. Visit all 10 locations to get a Multipass for each member. (All team members must be present in all photos.)
  7. Finish the scavenger hunt at the Gallivan Center. Find our volunteer at the South entrance of the Gallivan Center (at 300 South and Weechquootee, between Main and State Streets) to receive admission to Craft Lake City.
  8. Gates open for Craft Lake City at Noon. Find the Salt Lake Comic Con booth to cash in your stamp card to receive your Thursday Pass or Multipass.
  9. Wear sunscreen, keep hydrated, bring an umbrella for shade, and use the Trax free fare zone when possible. Most important… have fun!

2016 Cosplay Games Clues

  1. Where Marvel and DC, Star Trek and Star Wars, Doctor Who and Doc Brown, and all other Fandoms come together for one #EPIC weekend!
  2. A Lion King, a Green Witch, a Beast and even Men in Tights have visited here.
  3. Look up to the heavens and dance the night away at the best party place in town! Visit here September 2 and 3 to experience Salt Lake Comic Con’s Nightlife Events!
  4. Kerry Jackson and Jon Smith will be at #SLCC16 Sept 1-3, but if you can’t wait that long, you can find them here…
  5. Photo Clue:
    SLC Pepper
  6. Unscramble these words: niuno cfpicai ostatin
  7. Where you can see and hear Jazz at the same time…
  8. Photo Clue:
  9. Buzz over to this house, we promise it won’t sting you!
  10. Get your “Craft on Today” and stop by this DIY Festival being held here. Find the Salt Lake Comic Con booth to end your scavenger hunt journey.