ABC 4: Help decide the future of Salt Lake Comic Con FanX


Salt Lake Comic Con is asking fans to vote on the future of FanXperience 2015.

Read the full article here.

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  1. morgan says:

    I think you guys should still have the con in april.

    I also think you guys should have more anime related things! The anime community is huge and i think that part would have lots of fun and enjoy fanX more! By doing so you should invite voice actors like vic mignogna, todd haberkorn, j michael tatum, kaitlyn glass, and more! They are in a lot of popular anime shows and they alone would attract a new crowd of fans! Hope this helped!


  2. Sky says:

    You should move the convention to January because more people would come if it wasn’t on easter. Also, Sakuracon is going on the same weekend so lots of people I know won’t be able to make it because it’s such a popular convention

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