ABC4: Doctor Who Ultimate Xperience Giveaway

DR WHO XperienceSOld Out

Did you miss getting tickets to the sold out Doctor Who Ultimate Xperience? Don’t worry, you can enter to win an amazing prize package from Good4Utah and Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience 2015 that will make any Doctor Who fan happy! Dan Farr stopped by ABC4 to share all the details and how to enter.

Read the full article here. Watch the video below:

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  1. Midnight says:

    Doctor Who has changed our life and brought our family more and more closer as a family! We always ALWAYS talk about how AMAZINGLY AWESOME Doctor Who is, who our favorite doctor is and who our favorite character is, and out of all honesty, Matt Smith is our ALL TIME FAVORITE DOCTOR! Matt Smith is my only favorite, FAVORITE actor! I do not have any other favorite actors besides Matt Smith! Matt Smith and Doctor Who itself has made our family connect even more than before! It would be amazing if I could meet the man who has helped my family connect and MY ALL TIME FAVORITE ACTOR who has changed my life in so many ways for my birthday! It would mean the world to me and it’d be an memorable experience that I will always remember if I get to meet him! I’d love you all to death if I win!! <333

  2. Eri says:

    Me and my family watch Doctor Who every night and we don’t miss a night! We love watching Doctor Who and always get excited about what’ll happen next to the Doctor! But our all time favorite Doctor is Matt Smith! He has helped me a lot and helped me took off my mind about my next heart surgery! I would’ve been a worried mess about my next surgery if it hadn’t been for Matt Smith! It would be a really really really amazing experience if I would be able to meet Matt Smith and tell him how much he means to me and it would help me be even more calmer and give me more strength if I get to meet all of my favorite Doctor Who characters before my next heart surgery! It would mean the absolute world to me!

  3. Robbie rodrigues says:

    Can someone explain to me how to enter to win the Dr who fan experience…. I can’t find any way to enter

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