BOOK SIGNINGS at Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience

All listed book signings will take place at the Deseret Book/Shadow Mountain Booth: #1821 in the Expo Hall



Thursday, April 17th:
1:00 pm: Brandon Mull & Tyler Whitesides
3:00 pm: Heather Ostler & Frank Cole
5:00 pm: Lisa Mangum & J. Scott Savage
6:00 pm: Platte Clark
7:00 pm: Chad Morris, Jenni James & Jennifer Nielsen

Friday, April 18th:
11:00 am: Heather Ostler
12:00 pm: Richard Paul Evans, Peggy Eddleman, & Jacob Gowans
1:00 pm: Lisa Mangum & Bree Despain
2:00 pm: Mette Ivie Harrison & Natalie Whipple
3:00 pm: Platte Clark & Chad Morris
5:00 pm: Brandon Mull
6:30 pm: JR Johansson
7:00 pm: J. Scott Savage, Tyler Whitesides & Jenni James

Saturday, April 19th:
11:00 am: Bree Despain
12:00 pm: Richard Paul Evans & Lisa Mangum
1:00 pm: Brandon Mull, Obert Skye & Jacob Gowans
2:30 pm: Brandon Sanderson
3:00 pm: Studio C
4:00 pm: Chad Morris, Tyler Whitesides, & J. Scott Savage
5:00 pm: Mette Ivie Harrison & Peggy Eddleman
6:00 pm: Jacob Gowans
7:00 pm: Frank Cole

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