Joel Hodgson Bringing Back MST3K Through Kickstarter Campaign, check this out. Please

Posted by Joel Hodgson on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It looks like fans will be able to make new episodes of MST3K happen, thanks to Joel Hodgson and the magic of the internet.

Don’t look now, but…we’ve got movie sign!

There’s an MST3K reboot of sorts about to happen. As of this very moment, there are two websites redirecting to an inactive Kickstarter page. One is the appropriately named The other, though, is the official website… That’s right, they’re both redirecting to the same place, a Kickstarter with the name “Bring Back MST3K.”

It’s happening.

Joel Hodgson will announce the details and officially launch the Kickstarter during a Reddit AMA at 4 pm EDT today. Stay Tuned! (via Den Of Geek)

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