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To enter, simply write a creative comment below on Why Superheroes and Nerdvana brings a family together?

Winners announced on Tuesday.


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  1. Bethany H says:

    Why Superheros and Nerdvana bring a family together.

    It was only the first week of dating when my date began to tell me about his favorite comic book hero and quoted, “In brightest day or darkest night –”
    “No evil shall escape my sight!” I replied with gusto. That was all I knew of the Green Lantern Oath. But I knew by his expression that I had made more of an impression that I’d realized.
    More than a year later, our wedding announcement had a generic smiling photo accompanied by several smaller pictures of us posing as the Man in Black and Buttercup, pirates, a prince and princess, and Han and Leia.
    And thus our family began.

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