Deseret News: Comic Con’s wonder women: Female fans form nearly half of event’s base

(Deseret News) SALT LAKE CITY — When Salt Lake’s homegrown geek and pop culture convention comes to town, one thing is clear looking at the bustling convention floor, the lines of fans flooding through the doors and the staffers working behind the scenes.

They may not have superpowers, but female fans form an impressive league, accounting for 47 percent of Salt Lake Comic Con’s base, according to organizers.

They’re women like Jennifer Smart, who is building a new career around the portraits and statues she makes entirely of Lego bricks.

They’re women like Marial Clark, who has found camaraderie and encouragement in fitness challenges and cosplay groups connected to the event.

And they’re women like Erika Earl, whose work as a volunteer for the event has taken her all the way up to running the program.

As she sat up late into the night working on what will become a 6-foot-tall statue of Wonder Woman, Smart speculated that because of the positive and inclusive atmosphere surrounding Salt Lake Comic Con, its female fans have thrived.

“I think women are naturally a little more outgoing, a little more social, a little more artistic, and so to have this kind of an event where we can take this excitement that we have about what we already do naturally … and be excited together, it just builds our community,” Smart said.

The fifth annual Salt Lake Comic Con starts Thursday, Sept. 21, and runs through Saturday, Sept. 23, at the Salt Palace Convention Center(…)