Entertainment at KidCon 2014

By Miss Nessa 

KidCon is back for Salt Lake Comic Con and better than ever. In addition to super hero training(!), crafting stations, a robotics competition, gaming and photo-ops, there are some splendiferous events happening on the KidCon Stage.


The one that I can’t wait to see is Grant Imahara of Mythbusters fame. Although it’s sad that they are restructuring the show and let him, Tory and Kari go, this will be your chance to hear all about his favorite parts of Mythbusters and his impressive career with companies like the THX division of Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic.

When: Saturday at 12:30 PM


I am also intrigued to see Grant Thompson, “King of Random” live. He has videos that are just plain FUN and cover a wide variety of topics from how to make an Icy Air Blaster to 10 party tricks to amaze your friends. As you get ready for KidCon, why not make some of his Squishy Ninja Balls? He also has a quick clip where he turns them into Ninja Turtle Eggs.

When: Thursday at 5 PM, Friday and Saturday at 4 PM


As his website tagline states, Craig Campbell is a magician that likes to “Question Reason, Define Logic and Defy Reality.” He is a Salt Lake City native that was introduced to the realm of magic by his older brother. He loves to involve audience members so be prepared to participate!

When:  Thursday at 6 PM and Saturday at 11:30 AM


If your kids have already started preparing for Halloween, they’ll love it when Daniel Bishop takes the stage. He will be sharing some funny ghost stories aimed at all ages that are guaranteed to please without (hopefully) keeping them up all night with scary dreams.

When: Thursday at 4 PM


“My Dog Zeus” is the story of a space pirate who loses their dog (the aforementioned Zeus) while visiting Earth. A group of kids race around to five different State Parks in Utah (educational!), trying to help the poor dog find his way home. Will he make it? You will be able to find out in November 2015. In the meantime, come meet the dog and some of the cast!

When: Thursday and Saturday at 7 PM, Friday at 2 PM


When I was growing up, I had fun watching Kevin Sorbo play Hercules on TV. Now he is back in the fantasy genre with a movie called “Mythica.”It is chock-full of wizards, dragons, orcs, ogres and other mythological creatures. At this panel you will get the chance to hear from Melanie Stone, Jake Stormoen and other members of the cast.

When: Friday at 5 PM


Did you know that the Utah Jazz Bear is in the Mascot Hall of Fame? For 20 years, he has been delighting fans everywhere with his crazy stunts and dedication to charitable causes. Who knows what fun he is dreaming up to share at KidCon?

When: Thursday at 3 PM and Friday at 1 PM


The Utah Children’s Theatre has been putting on shows for children since the 1980s. Over the coming year, they will be putting on versions of favorite stories like Rapunzel, Winnie the Pooh and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. The group will be making a special appearance at KidCon and you won’t want to miss it.

When: Saturday at 10:30 AM


When I was in college, I was part of the school’s juggling club. One kind that I thought was especially thrilling was fire poi, where balls of fire on chains are swung around the performer’s body. Aria and Wildfire specialize in those and many other amazing feats like stilt walking, trapeze, long staff and more.

When: Friday at 3 PM

Which act are you the most excited to see?




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