Facebook Winners 12/18 – 12/31


Every week we give away free stuff for joining the fun on our official Facebook page. To enter, like/comment on select Facebook posts. The best comment wins.

To claim your prize, click here:

and fill out the form. Your info will be sent directly to our contest handlers. Please be patient, they will contact you as soon as possible!

Meghan Edwards Cline

SLCC Cosplay Meetup Groups – Album


Justin Chesnut

Feel the Energy!


Ally Jean Rasmussen

Photo Ops on Sale

$30 Photo Op Voucher

Leah Renee

Chad Hardin Announcement


Cindy Heinhold Green

Photo Ops on Sale – Video

$30 PO voucher

Jason Williams

Star Wars Spoilers

Pair of Gold Passes

Joe Deardeuff

Best Fans!

VIP Pass

Runi Aranar

Miss Universe

Pair of Multipasses

Sarah Duke

Holiday Promo

Pair of Gold Passes

Tyler Kizzar

10 Million Fans

Pair of VIP Passes

Robin Johnson

Stay Tuned – Video

Pair of Gold Passes

Lisa Cooper Worthen

Buzz Aldrin Announcement

Photo Op with Buzz Aldrin

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