Facebook Winners 7/12-7/18

Facebook Winners

Every week we give away free stuff for joining the fun on Facebook. Here’s the winners for the week 7/12-7/18.

Ann Thomas

James Wymore Announcement

Free 3 Day Pass AND Autographed Copy of one of his books

Jennifer Shaw

Friday the 12th

Free 3 Day Pass

James Parsons

Tickets for the Con

Free VIP Pass

Stephanie Ayling Thompson

Zombie Energy

Free 3 Day Pass

Michele O’neill Eder

Despicable Heroes

Free Celebrity Photo Op

Erica Abner Stark

Happy Meals

Free 3 day pass

Stanford Dean Stubbs

Smile for the Camera

Free Celebrity Photo Op

Levi Brown

Spidey vs. Venom

$40 Voucher for Artist Alley

Benjamin Seiger

If FOX bought Marvel

Free 3 Day Pass

Casey J Burgess

Costume Rentals

Free 3 Day Pass

Tayva Case

Jessica Day George Announcement

Free 3 Day Pass AND Autographed book

Tracy Cannon Schroeder

William Shatner Chris Hadfield / ISS

Free Autograph

Gary Brantner

Larry Correia Announcement

Free 3 Day Pass AND Autographed Book

Hunter Brady

Artist Alley – Tyler Kirkham

$40 Artist Alley Voucher

Cassie Behrendt

Jake Black Announcement

A Free 3 Day Pass

Tana-marie Ritter

Saturday Tickets on Sale

A Free 3 Day Pass

Neal Rogers

Artist Alley – Zombie King

$40 Artist Alley Voucher

Joshua Riggins

Artist Dissection

Free Celebrity Autograph

Kelly Smith

Floor Expansion

Free 3 Day Pass

Justin Brady

Hi Salt Lake Comic Con Fans

Free 3 Day Pass

Eliza Della Twyman


$40 Voucher to Artist Alley

Ryan Gillespie

Chillin Like a Villain

Free Autograph with Adam West

Sadee Hansen

Commander Azog

Free Photo Op with Manu Bennett

DeAnn Schmalz Kelly

Celebrity Screenings

Free 3 Day Pass

Selina Le

What’s on their mind?

Free 3 Day Pass

Alyssa Staley

Stars Align – Tribune Article

Free 3 Day Pass

Adrian Ropp

Twitter Winner

Free 3 Day Pass

Contact us to claim your prize

17 replies
  1. Tracy Schroeder says:

    Also, my phone was acting up and not sure if my info was submitted.
    Again, thank you!

  2. Gary Brantner aka rentnarb says:

    “I won I won I won I won!!!” is what I just ran around the house yelling. How do I get my passes?

  3. Eliza Della Twyman says:

    Thank you! How soon should we get our email? I’m not sure my info went through.

  4. Selina says:

    OMG YESSSSSS!!! This is AWESOME!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! SOOOO lookin forward to going all 3 days ALL day >:D!

  5. Eliza Della Twyman says:

    I’m looking for more information on Artist Alley, like what types of things can i use my voucher on? Also, can i split the voucher, or do i need to use the $40 all at once? This is my first Comic con!

  6. Vicki Speer says:

    Congratulations winners! Thank you for having these great giveaways. Hope to be in the next group. Would soooo love to go. Thank you.

  7. Jacob says:

    Have spent years drooling over the chance to win an opportunity to go to the closest comic-con which was in San Diego. There truly must be a god for they brought it to me on Utah. Two thumbs up to SLC for bringing us Comic Con, now if I could ONLY win a three day pass! And seriously

  8. Jacob says:

    Am I the only person that sees Rio Tinto Stadium as a perfectly similar option for a Zombie Opstical course. Make a competition against Petco Park, and see who can have the best one?

  9. DeAnn Kelly says:

    Thank you! Nerdvana in Utah and Shatner is our prophet. ‘We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!’

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