Facebook Winners 7/26-8/01

Facebook Winners

Every week we give away free stuff for joining the fun on Facebook. Here’s the winners for the week 7/26-8/01.

Kris Trevino Irvin

Salt Palace Announcement

Free VIP Pass

Mitch Clegg

Salt Palace Announcement

Free VIP Pass

Victoria Wood

Teenage Mutant Ninja

Celebrity Autograph

Eve Hassan

Canning for Zombies

Free 3 day pass

Jason Anthony Shumate


Free autograph with Lou Ferrigno

Eric Grella

Jessica Nigri

Free 3 day pass

Vahl Wharton

Fast Food Wars

Free 3 day pass AND a Happy Meal!

Michele Malam Graves

More SLCC Announcements

Free Photo Op

James Duckett

Professor Xs and Magentos

Free 3 day pass

Josie DeJarnatt

Nicole Marie Jean

Free 3 day pass

Brie Pinales

Weddings Done Right

Free 3 day pass AND Free Autograph session

Vince Costanzo

T-Shirts ready to print

Free 3 day pass

Keenan Mykol Positronic Panti

Boy or Girl?

$40 Voucher to Artist Alley

Keanna Frodente

We find your lack of faith disturbing…

$40 Voucher to Artist Alley

Ross Trowbridge

Dirk Benedict announcement

A Free 3 day pass AND a celebrity photo op

Anna Reed

The Avengers

$50 Gift Certificate to Black Cat Comics

Wes Simonson

R.I.P. Heath Ledger

$40 Voucher for Artist Alley

Melissa Prince Misener

Alderaan Places

VIP Tickets to Fear Factory

David Mariluch

Zombie Walk announcement…

Free 3 day pass AND a signed print from Arthur Suydam The Zombie King

Chris Okelberry

Adrian Paul announcement

Free 3 day pass AND a Photo Op with Adrian Paul

Michelle MacArt

The future…which would you pick?

Free Photo Op

Brian Tara Winther

Time Travel

VIP Pass

Karina Ezmeralda Ortega

Kia’s Superman

$40 Gift Certificate to Deseret Book

Adam Lake

Genetic Engineering

3 Day Pass

Carrie Weatherspoon

Slug Magazine – Ryan Ottley

3 Day Pass AND a signed print

Adam Markley

How many of you will cosplay?

3 Day Pass

Jenner VonDoom

Jessica Nigri

3 Day Pass

Mistyamber Osborne


3 Day Pass

Vouchers emailed within 24 hours

Contact us to claim your prize

18 replies
  1. mitch says:

    I was told that I won the Salt palace announcement but I don’t see my name here. what happened?

  2. Jacob says:

    Sucks I try and try even help my local comic families advertise and nothing. Ive been to the outdoor retailer convention dowtown before and am just dying to go with my kids to this. I’m a single proud papa that helps volunteer couch for sports, and anywhere I can. I am currently unemployed, going to school and disabled so I am a poor bastard. My kids and I had discussed trying to do San Diego’s so for it to be here is a dream come true. Is there any other ways to get me and my kids some 3 day passes?

  3. Tara Winther says:

    THANK-YOU!!!! I am so excited I can’t contain nyself! I even did a happy dance! Which confused the dog to no end….

  4. Jacob says:

    WOW!!! Made me and the kids night, weekend, and year! Thank you so very much, glad to see that goodness still prevails and what comes around goes around . You’re a wonderful person, and we can’t thank you enough. Super pumped to be part of this first COMIC CON, hope to thank and see you their. Look for the guy in the awesome Wookie costume, that will be me.

  5. Adam says:

    The people running this comiccon are amazing! The sheer number of free giveaway and the happy moments that fathers and sons and families will be sharing will stay with them forer. I hope you guys know you are making dream come true and really are showing that goodness does prevail in this world! Thanks again guys! Can’t wait for this! Iiterally jumped out of my chair running around hugging my son and dancing and singing were going to comic con!

  6. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Thank you so much! We are so excited for the event and we love what we do! Can’t wait to have you there!

  7. Anna Reed says:

    Super excited, Black Cat is the best!! I haven’t received an email, though. Should I have had a response by now? I filled out the form last Friday and again on Monday…

  8. David Mariluch says:

    David Mariluch

    Zombie Walk announcement…

    Free 3 day pass AND a signed print from Arthur Suydam The Zombie King

    keep contacting them and no email about my tickets yet

  9. Anna Reed says:

    I received the first email and haven’t received anything since. Is there a phone number I can contact?

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