Facebook Winners 7/29 – 8/4


Facebook Winners



Every week we give away free stuff for joining the fun on our official Facebook page. To enter, like/comment on select Facebook posts. The best comment wins.

To claim your prize, click here:

and fill out the form. Your info will be sent directly to our contest handlers. Please be patient, they will contact you as soon as possible! If you won a Photo Op, PLEASE include which day you would like it for. You can find the list here.

Michael Bustamante

Billy Boyd Announcement

Pair of Multipasses and Photo Op with Billy Boyd

Taralyn Nielsen

STW – 32 Days

Pair of Gold Passes

Aleesa Pillars

32 Days

Pair of Gold Passes

Ronie Ochoa

31 Days

Pair of Multipasses

Nadilla Cranwell

T-Shirt Design Contest Deadline


Emily Hedges

STW – 50,000 Tickets Sold


Veronica Tann

50,000 Tickets Sold


Jessica Shaw

STW – Jeremy Shada

Pair of Multipasses

DeAnna Osborne Mortimer

Zombie Walk


Miriam Christensen Cain

Artist Alley Sold Out


Sierra Peace

Cosplay Celebration and Competition


Angel Williams

Katie Cassidy – Event Page III

$30 Photo Op Voucher

Barbara Jacobs

Emma Caulfield – Event Page

$30 Photo Op Voucher

Cassidy Douglas

Lennie James – Event Page III

$30 Photo Op Voucher

Bonnie Davis Biskey

STW – Spartacus

Photo Op with Spartacus Combo

Edward Woodin

STW – Xanya

Photo Op with Buffy Combo

Joey Monroe


Photo Op with Buffy Combo

Faith Gudgell

Ruth Connell Announcement

Photo Op with Ruth Connell

Corey Urie

Jeremy Shada Announcement

Photo Op with Jeremy Shada

Lindz Parry Mauth

Arthur Darvill Announcement

Photo Op with Arthur Darvill

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  1. Martin Calderwood says:

    Hey,,,,I have won a multipass noted as such “Congrats Martin Calderwood you are the winner of a Multipass! Go here to claim your prize: http://bit.ly/1G3x8Ka” on August 5 at 10:05pm

    I have claimed the prize per instruction by clicking on the address…but saw nothing that said how or where I could upgrade it and it was not listed on this page either so MY question is HOW do I upgrade to gold and WHERE I need to go and how to pay for it etc. Please contact me and let me know the answers I need.

    Thank you again for selecting my name…I am so very excited to go this year!!

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