FanX Guest Billy Dee Williams interviews with Salt Lake Tribune

The Salt Lake Tribune interviewed FanX guest and current Dancing With The Starts competitor, Billy Dee Williams. Read an excerpt below, and click link to read more.

“Lando Calrissian didn’t betray Han Solo to Darth Vader — he was trying to save his life. That’s how the man who portrayed Lando, Billy Dee Williams, sees it. Vader strong-armed Lando into a difficult position. With lives at stake, he made a tough choice that kept everyone alive and ultimately cost him everything, including his city in the clouds. “Lando had to lose everything that he built as a result of that whole situation,” Williams said. But, Williams adds, it is of course “just a movie.” That movie, “Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back,” and its sequel launched Williams into the higher echelons of geek fame as the sci-fi franchise exploded in the decades that followed. Lando may have lost Cloud City, but Williams gained a world of fans — some of whom have a chance to see him at the Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City on April 17-19. Click Here To Read More


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