From Game of Thrones to Pokemon: Dragon Comparison Chart

Compare your favorite dragons from across pop culture!

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Whether you want to train your dragon or simply avoid getting roasted alive, fantasy’s finest fire-breathers are among the most popular creatures to grace the page and the screen. From Game of Thrones to Pokemon, this handy comparison chart shows off the massive or minuscule size of our flying friends and fiends: dragons!

For example, Mushu from Disney’s Mulan wouldn’t be much more than a mouthful for a dragon like How To Train Your Dragon‘s Toothless. And while Dragon Ball Z‘s wish-giving Shenlong seems gargantuan, he pales in comparison to dragons like Smaug (The Hobbit) or Balerion (Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire).

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How does your favorite dragon stack up?



12 replies
  1. Daniel says:

    I was thinking about the Dragon from the Dragonslayer. Dated film for sure but I believe is still relevant.

  2. marcyut says:

    What about the dragons from: Merlin, Eragon, or the realistically evil ones from all of the dragon apocalypse type movies?

  3. Dangerbutton says:

    Nice! I would have liked to see some Dragonlance Dragons, though. The dragons in the War of Souls trilogy would have dwarfed the rest of them…

    Also, Bahamut. Where’s some Bahamut?

  4. Drome says:

    Shenlong is definitely way larger than he is shown in this diagram. He fills the entire sky when he appears.

  5. Diego S. says:

    Awesome as this is, it’d have been nice to see:
    -Draco from Dragonheart
    -Shendu from Jackie Chan Adventures
    -the dragon from The Pagemaster
    -and a staple dragon no collection is truly whole without: Maleficent.

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