Herald Extra: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanXperience 2017 by the numbers

(Herald Extra) Let’s be honest. When it comes to major events like Salt Lake Comic Con and its FanXperience counterpart convention, creating the best experience for those in attendance comes down to a pretty epic game of numbers, counting down until the final guest leaves the event center and the last bit of setup is struck.

Just one day before Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanXperience hits the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, one of the event’s co-founders, Bryan Brandenburg, took some time to share with the Daily Herald some of the numbers behind the incredibly popular convention.

Salt Lake Comic Con was started by Brandenburg and Dan Farr in 2013, and has hosted literally hundreds of thousands of eager attendees at what will soon be eight total conventions so far. With four Salt Lake Comic Con September events and soon-to-be four FanXperiences, it’s safe to say this isn’t Farr’s or Brandenburg’s first pop culture-packed rodeo, especially if you count the international FanXperience events they’re behind. There’s been three of those so far, with one in the Philippines, one in mainland China and one in Bangkok, Thailand. According to Brandenburg, there will be at least three more next year in those cities as well, with the potential for more in such countries as Singapore and Japan.

 Focusing back in on Salt Lake’s FanXperience 2017, though, the Friday and Saturday convention will be the first two-day Salt Lake Comic Con event (as opposed to the regular three-day set-up), and approximately 30,000 tickets were sold beforehand with an anticipated sellout crowd of 50,000.

Though the September events have had larger crowds and the Salt Palace certainly has the space for a greater number of attendees, Brandenburg said the point of FanX is to provide a more fan-centric experience by downsizing — less tickets sold equates to a better ratio of fans to celebrity guests and the opportunity for more intimate experiences.

Another thing that has downsized a bit for FanX 2017 is the panel programming, but according to Brandenburg it’s all for the better.

“We’ve focused on quality and have some great panels lined up,” he said.

There were expected to be just about 100 hours of panel programming over the two days of convention, with eight rooms dedicated to the panels, which featured celebrities and hot topics in the pop culture realm. (…)