Salt Lake Comic Con 2017

ZipQ System

Eliminating lines • Cutting wait times • Zip past the queue!

Salt Lake Comic Con is excited to announce the return of ZipQ, a reservation system for panels at Salt Lake Comic Con 2017. ZipQ allows attendees (VIP, Gold and Multipass holders) to make a reservation for a panel in order to spend less time in line.

VIP Passholders
Those lucky VIP pass-holders who experienced ZipQ at Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 know how fast and convenient the system is.  
All VIP pass-holders will continue to have unlimited access to ZipQ reservations for Salt Lake Comic Con 2017.

Multipass and Gold Pass holders
All that convenience will also be available to Gold and Multipass holders! Each Gold and Multipass holder will have limited access to ZipQ, providing them with an opportunity to enjoy some of the same convenience and eliminate wait time.

Each Gold Pass wristband will be allowed to make two reservations during SLCC17, and each Multipass wristband will be able to make one reservation during SLCC17. Choose wisely!

How to make a Reservation

  1. Visit the ZipQ kiosks in the foyer to the north of the Grand Ballroom
  2. Tap your wristband to see the list of panels with available ZipQ reservation spots
  3. Select the panel you’d like to attend
  4. When you see a confirmation, you have a reservation for the panel
  5. Return to the ZipQ line at the north end of the Grand Ballroom at least 15 minutes before the panel and you’re in!

Once You’re in the Ballroom

There is a designated ZipQ seating area inside the Grand Ballroom on the West Side where you will have one seat available for your use. You’re welcome to sit outside of this area if there is an available seat. VIP badge holders that are not in ZipQ system will be seated first.

Once the panel is over, you will need to vacate the seat in the ZipQ area. You are, however, welcome to sit in any other open seat in the ballroom. If you have a ZipQ for two consecutive passes you will need to exit the ballroom and join the ZipQ line at the back or find a seat outside of the ZipQ section. The only way to be seated in the ZipQ section is to have a ZipQ reservation and enter through the ZipQ line.

FAQ – Updated for SLCC17 SOON

Q: Are there any changes to ZipQ for FanX™ 2017?
A: Yes! The success of ZipQ in September has led us to extend the benefit of the program to VIP, Gold, and Multipass holders. To compensate for the numbers of people who are eligible to use ZipQ, there are additional ZipQ seats for FanX™ 2017.

  • VIP pass-holders will continue to have unlimited access to ZipQ.
  • Gold pass-holders will be able to use ZipQ up to two times during FanX.
  • Multipass attendees will be able to use the system once during FanX.

Q: If members in my group don’t have a ZipQ reservation, can they come in with me?
A: No. Only those with a ZipQ reservation are allowed to sit in the ZipQ section. This includes children and significant others.

Q: Why should I use ZipQ?
A: ZipQ has two main benefits. First, those who get in will know prior to the event that they will be able to attend the panel in one of the best seats in the room. Second, those who get to attend the panel will not have to wait in line for hours.

Q: Which panels will ZipQ reservations be available for?
A: ZipQ will be available for all panels in the Grand Ballroom with the exception of paid panels.

Q: Will attendees with a ZipQ reservation be guaranteed a seat?
A: We cannot ever guarantee a seat as the fire marshal determines the final seating of the room at any given time, but there will be seats in the ZipQ line for each reservation that is available.