PC Laptops FanX Sponsorships

PC Laptops is offering to sponsor 100 fans to FanX. PC Laptops will provide FREE tickets to FanX for struggling single parents, disabled veterans, and others in need.

Click here to learn more and apply.

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  1. Jerry Monk Banks says:

    I’m an Army brat that grew up with parents divorced. Mad respect, PC Laptops and Comic Con. Mad respect.

  2. NL M. says:

    I lost my job almost a year ago and part time jobs just don’t pay the bills. Two of my friends are exhibiting and
    I don’t have the money for such luxuries. Eating and living indoors -with family, are all I can afford. There are so many people with bigger problems than mine though. I hope you can help them all.

  3. Tracy Hyland Painter says:

    This is incredible. What an awesome thing to do. Everyone deserves to have a good time, now and then. 🙂

  4. Mary B says:

    I entered for my friend Tiffany, but I forgot to add how we will pay it forward. Tiffany is the founder a of a charity called Bombshells against Beaters. They offer support for physically and mentally abused people.
    She had suffered abuse herself and is using her experience to help others.
    Please don’t hold my mistake against her. She does good work, and is a dedicated mother.

  5. Meredith Johnson says:

    Thank you so much. But I can not find the voucher you guys sent anywhere. I sorry to be such a bother.

  6. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Please check your email “junk” folder. If is not there, let us know and we can resend.

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