Pin to Win! Pinterest Contest Winners (LAST ONE)

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We were giving away Passes to 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con on our official Pinterest page. THANKS FOR HELPING SPREAD THE WORD!

To claim your prize, click here to:  ——> Contact us <——- , and fill out the form. (Please mention your Pinterest handle.) Your info will be sent directly to our contest handlers. Please be patient, they will contact you as soon as possible!



Adult MultiPass Winners to Salt Lake Comic Con
(September 4-6, 2014. One pass per winner.)

Cox, Holly
Gregory, Gayle
Hatch, Chris
Hirschi, Megan
Huffman, Amanda
Pentz, Megan
Pilch, Val
Seaman, Savanna
Spiekerman, Eve
Thornton, Brandy
Tiberend, Bekah
Wright, Kirsten

Adult Thursday Pass Winners to Salt Lake Comic Con
(September 4-6, 2014. One pass per winner.)

Arndt, Tamara S
Bollinger, Mindy
Christensen, Kathryn
Curry, Stacey
Diamse, Cimbre
Fairbanks, Jon
Garaycochea, Stephanie
Gordon, Rachel
Hopkins, Nicole
Smith, Tiffany
Stubbs, Jessica
Ushio, Branden
Watkins, Jamie
Weaver, Moriah

9 replies
  1. Bekah Tiberend says:

    Hi! I filled out the form for the multipass I won, but I haven’t gotten an email with the pass. Do I need to refill it out? Thanks!

  2. Megan Pentz says:

    I was going to go pre-register today but realized I haven’t gotten my winning tickets yet. Will I be getting them today sometime since it starts tomorrow? I know you guys are super busy. Thanks.

  3. Val Pilch says:

    I know you guys are super busy since today is the first day. But I just wanted to know if is be able to still get my multipass or not. I didn’t realize I won’t til this morning. Sorry :/

  4. Valerie P. says:

    Sorry to bother you, it looks like my other comment didn’t go through. I was wondering if you guys were still emailing the passes out today.

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