SLCC Debates Iron Man Vs. Captain America

SLCC Podcast: Salt Lake Comic Con Debate – Team Iron Man vs. Team Captain America

This episode of the Salt Lake Comic Con podcast features the inaugural Salt Lake Comic Con Debate on the resolution:

Resolved: enacting the Sokovia Accords will decrease global political stability and will increase the chances and impact of acts of international terrorism.

The debaters were:

Team Iron Man

Bryan Young (@swankmotron), writer for, Star Wars Insider, and host of the Full of Sith Podcast (@fullofsith).

Sean Means (@moviecricket), film and pop culture columnist at the Salt Lake Tribune (

Debra Jenson (@debrajenson), an assistant professor of mass media and social justice movements at Utah State University.

Team Captain America

Danielle UberAlles (@damnielle_) of the Hello Sweetie! Podcast.

Andy Wilson, (@citizenandy), writer for Big Shiny Robot (

Mark Middlemas, local Salt Lake lawyer and inveterate lover of pop culture.

Audio recording done by Shelby Bounds and our fine AV partner, Alliant Events. Bryan Young did the editing. Our music was created by the brilliant Lord British, a panelist at Salt Lake Comic Con. Thanks to Mark Dago for the assist.

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