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League of Heroes

Yahoo! Finance is sharing the news about our special giveaway. Salt Lake Comic Con and ABC 4 have teamed up to celebrate the heroes in Utah’s schools! All Utah based elementary schools, middle schools and high schools are eligible to win. Salt Lake Comic Con and ABC 4 will select five winning schools from across the state.

The League of Heroes grand prize is Salt Lake Comic Con tickets for the entire school.

Read the full article here.

And be sure to enter your school on the Salt Lake Comic Con Facebook wall or on our website with a message or video about the school being nominated and tell the story of why they should win.

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  1. Jaclyn Strong says:

    HI SALT LAKE COMIC CON! I was painting when I heard your ad on the news, and you should’ve seen me I ran straight to the computer to enter in this League of Heros, and said “Od COURSE I’m going to enter!” But anyways my school is South Jordan Middle School, and nothing would start off my freshman year better than going to Salt Lake Comic Con (9th graders have to stay in the middle school for overflow reasons). So a little bit of info about my school is… I am not sure (first year at this school), but I know some people that all share the interest of superheroes and scifi exactly like me. And you know say for chance you do pick my school (even though I probably haven’t made a super good reason why to pick my school) I would be the happiest student for the whole year, and I probably would faint and die from joy. So hope you choose South Jordan Middle School! See you at Comic Con I hope!

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