Salt Lake Tribune: Doctors and River reunite to celebrate the infinite possibilities of ‘Doctor Who’

Peter Davison, leaning back on a couch and considering the kaleidoscopic canon of “Doctor Who,” thought aloud that people love the sci-fi show for its infinite possibilities.

Evil aliens bent on universal domination. Cat people. A spaceship that can go anywhere in time and space. Telepathic snowmen. A mad hero who uses his nigh-infinite power to ease an artist’s heart by showing him how fondly his masterpieces will be remembered. Fish fingers dipped in custard.

Anything can, and does, happen in “Doctor Who.” And if the rock star reception that its alumni — Davison, Alex Kingston, Sylvester McCoy and Matt Smith — received Friday night from roaring fans at the FanX convention is any indication, these artists will have their masterpiece fondly remembered, too.

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