San Diego Comic-Con Intl vs Salt Lake Comic Con

San Diego Comic-Con International vs. Salt Lake Comic Con

San Diego Comic-Con Intl vs Salt Lake Comic ConSan Diego Comic-Con International claims they own the rights to “Comic Con”. They are challenging Salt Lake Comic Con and hundreds of other Comic Con conventions.

Salt Lake Comic Con and other Comic Con owners feel 100% confident the claim is outrageous and baseless. Read their letter and Salt Lake Comic Con’s response here:

San Diego Comic-Con International vs. Salt Lake Comic Con letter and press release response

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  1. melinda cass says:

    San Diego has no right to claim the word Comic Con. They are just jealous that Salt lake was one of the top three states to run Comic Con the first year. Its bad that none of the other states are suing us for the rights of Comic Con.

  2. Jill DeGraffenried says:

    Just let fans of these great movies, artists, TV shows, and books enjoy these events. They are Comic Conventions and should be allowed to keep the name no matter what state or city they are in. These claims are baseless and stupid.

  3. Mundamudiki says:

    SDCC claiming they “own” the phrase Comic Con is like the City of San Diego saying that they own the word “San” or the word “Diego”. Their argument is a laugh. They’re jealous of SLCC’s huge opening. They don’t want to get shown up again. They just need to take a chill pill and let Salt Lake do their thing.

  4. nic says:

    It a because we have the third biggest Comic Con in the country in just a few years, and San Diego doesn’t want to lose its thunder to Utah. It’s days like today I’m proud to be a Utahn.


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