SL Trib: 7 celebrities at Salt Lake Comic Con worth standing in line to see

(Salt Lake Tribune) –  Of all the things to do at Salt Lake Comic Con — listen to panel discussions, gawk at the amazing cosplayers, admire the comic artists’ work, sniff the Voldemort-scented candles — the celebrity appearances may rank as the biggest draws.

In past years, such luminaries as William Shatner, Mark Hamill, Stan Lee, Carrie Fisher, Sir Patrick Stewart, Chris Evans, Nathan Fillion, Lena Headey, Gillian Anderson, Buzz Aldrin, John Cena and many more have made fans laugh and scream either at Salt Lake Comic Con or its springtime sister event, FanX.

Which celebrities are worth staking out a seat in the Grand Ballroom this year? Here are five recommendations (…)


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