The Spectrum: Remember that time Stan Lee Skyped into a comic con?

 (The Spectrum) For a short while last year, it was looking like there wouldn’t be a FanXperience. Salt Lake Comic Con has produced two events each year since its inception – the main event and the more intimate FanX.

SLCC co-founders Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg told me during last year’s main event that they were thinking of consolidating efforts to one convention, and for anyone who’s had to pay for two separate events in one year, it was good news. But it would also mean having to jam all the guests and activities into three days a year, where having two conventions spreads the fun over a combined six days.

The stars aligned this year, though, and Farr and Brandenburg had the opportunity to put on the second show with the decision to make it a two-day event instead of a full three.