Stan Lee Photo Ops and Autographs on Sale NOW!

Autographs and Photo Ops with Stan Lee are on sale! We’re also offering a special Premium Package with an autograph, photo op, limited edition lithograph and an exclusive Salt Lake Comic Con Stan Lee Badge! These ticket will SELL OUT, so secure your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity now!

Don’t miss this chance to get a signature or take a picture with the comic legend: CLICK HERE TO BUY PHOTO OPS AND AUTOGRAPHS

Learn more about Stan Lee here.

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  1. Jessica Moore says:

    Is there a way to apply our VIP Loyalty Vouchers in this purchase? Or will it work like last year and we can get a refund when we go for the photo op? Thanks!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Will this be the only way to have him autograph something? …or will he have a table with 8x10s, as it was with other celebrities?

  3. BenderIsGreat34 says:

    If I purchase an autograph voucher, and want to have stan lee sign some comics, how many comics will he sign? Just one?

  4. mike boren says:

    Is there any chance of getting a student discount for a graphic artist student? My son was disappointed we couldn’t afford to meet Stan last year and I fear I might not be able to afford it again this year while still paying tuition. Stan Lee is my son’s biggest hero. Please help

  5. Tyler says:

    And you do mean 3 people not counting Stan Lee. One of the three coming with me wanted to make sure we understood you correctly.

  6. Teancum Healey says:

    So I bought a premium ticket for stan lee, but I was wondering how exactly this going to work? Will i redeem my ticket when I get in line for his autograph and picture? Or will there be some kind of special meet and greet?

  7. Nicholas Gordon says:

    Myself, my 11 year old son, and my 9 year old daughter are planning on attending, if I purchase a photo op with Stan Lee, and you said up to three people. How many pics does that get us? Can we get one with all of us, and one with each of us individually with go
    ? So thT would be 4 photos?

  8. Nicholas Gordon says:

    Will you have a photographer there or do we need to provide our own camera. Basically, for $80, am I getting a really good quality photo…just a pic with my phone (I don’t have a really good camera)

  9. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    This is a pre-sale of photo ops and autographs. Last time he came there were a lot more people that wanted to get these than he had time for and waited in line. This year we are bringing him for two days and doing the pre-sale so that you can guarantee the opportunity.

  10. Jennifer says:

    I purchased the ultimate package for my daughter. Will she just need the printed tickets? I won’t be with her.

  11. Jeff Dillon says:

    Is there any information about having CGC representatives there for his signings? If I am going to have him sign the comic I have in mind, I want to make sure that it would have the prestigious gold CGC label, as opposed to the label saying it is not authentic…

  12. Jake says:

    Salt Lake Comic Con,
    You responded to each question on this post, but neglected to answer mine. How do we apply our gold pass vouchers to photo ops with Stan? Please answer quickly, I don’t want the tickets to sell out. You can email me directly. I would appreciate it.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I ve purchased the premium package. How do I know what time that will be? It didn’t say anything when I finalized my purchase

  14. John E says:

    Will the PhotoOp/Autograph packages sell out before you get the acceptance of the VIP Loyalty voucher implemented in your system? I would prefer to wait and use my voucher, but I don’t want to run the risk of these selling out!

  15. Brandon Mizar says:

    I have three kids (13, 12 and 6!) That’s kind of a deal breaker as we are all huge fans and I can’t leave one of them out. Bummer!

  16. John says:

    How do we redeem the ticket we printed for the premium package? Do we get the badge and lanyard at the time of the signing or before?

  17. Amberlee says:

    I bought a picture and autograph with Stan but was wondering if I will be able to scheduled a time to take the photo and autograph? I will be participating in the costume contest on Saturday and that takes all of that day and I never know when I’ll be available. So Friday is the only day I will be able to to take the photo with him, I’ve blocked out the day to make it happen. I took the risk and bought the photo and autograph knowing how crazy it was last year and was not able to get the opportunity because of it.
    PLEASE help.

  18. Heidi says:

    We are just waiting on this VIP feature to purchase these – is there a danger of selling out while we wait?

  19. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    At this time, this is not an option, as you do not receive the voucher until you come to registration. We are working to see if this is something we can make possible prior to people receiving their physical vouchers at registration. So, please, stay tuned for an official announcement on if this becomes available.

  20. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    At this time this is not part of the plans, we have, however, had a couple questions about this so we will see if this might be something that will change.

  21. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    We have sent you an email directly. Please check your inbox for a message from someone on our Salt Lake Comic Con staff.

  22. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    The option to use your VIP Loyalty Voucher to purchase a Stan Lee photo op or autograph is now available.

  23. Rodrigo says:

    Hi I just purchased the Stan Lee autograph however I was not able to used my $20 Gold voucher. I was wondering, will I be able to used those towards that and get a partial refund? Another thing, I only purchased 1 autograph. Will my brother be able to stand in line with me even though he is not purchasing one.

  24. Nicholas Gordon says:

    Last year, it was published ahead of time how much each guest would charge for photos and autographs, will that info be published ahead of time so we know how much cash to bring? The arm at the Salt Palace is crazy expensive with its fees.

  25. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Yes, we are working to make this available as soon as possible, but we can assure you it will be posted on or before September 1st. Stay tuned for the official announcement here on our website and on our Facebook page.

  26. jake says:

    Not sure why they won’t answer the question in this forum, but they finally messaged me on Facebook and said that we are pretty much out of luck. If they aren’t sold out by the time the Comic Con begins, we will be able to apply it on site. There is no refund program for the vouchers as there was last year either. Very disappointing…

  27. jake says:

    Not sure why they won’t answer the question in this forum, but they finally messaged me on Facebook and said that we are pretty much out of luck. If they aren’t sold out by the time the Comic Con begins, we will be able to apply it on site. There is no refund program for the vouchers as there was last year either. Very disappointing…

  28. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    We are working to see if this will be an option, however, if it is an option it will be for the photo ops, where it is a $20 photo op voucher. If it is not a possibility you will still be able to redeem it towards a photo op of your choice at the Epic Photo Op booth upon arrival at the event. Also, yes, your brother, as long as he has a ticket for the event will be able to stand in line with you to get your autograph.

  29. Lance Watkins says:

    If i have a vender pass and buy this ticket for an autograph, will I be able to pick it up at registration/admissions or will I have to buy an additional regular pass to attend this event?

  30. Beth says:

    Just wondering…if I buy the premium package, are those photo ops and autographs done at a different time or at the same time as all of the other photo ops and autographs? I’m just trying to plan my itinerary so to speak and am wondering if I need to plan on standing in his line all day.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  31. Michelle says:

    I thought it goes you and up to three people can be in it, so you could have 4 people in the photo? That’s how it was at FanX at least.

  32. Charity O'Haodagain says:

    You can purchase the autograph separately and the voucher will be emailed to you. Your vendor pass is considered equal to a general admission ticket!

  33. Rodrigo says:

    Will representatives from CGC be at the show? I’m having Stan Lee sign one of my comic books and would like it to be a signature series. Thanks

  34. John Jd David says:

    FANX was much better Organized then this…..
    THIS IS A FREAKING MESS….I BOUGHT MY VIPS a few months ago I haven’t revived any thing for my swag bag- when will comic con start giving out stuff to the VIP pass holders ? Can a person still go up to the Star table and pay for the autograph?
    CAN I bring a date if i don’t have kids>??

  35. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    VIP passholders will collect their extras at registration. Your vouchers were added to your GrowTix account recently, so you simply need to access your order through your confirmation email and use the upgrade option. Yes, autographs are available for purchase at the guest tables. Registration takes place at the convention. You may pre-register at the pre-registration events listed below. Each person at the convention needs to purchase an admission ticket. Adult tickets include admission for up to two children under the age of 10.

  36. Alex says:

    Could you please have possibly the same CGC representatives as you had last year. They were great … Johnny on the spot. I didn’t even notice them at first. As I neared their table upon exiting Stan Lee’s autograph area, they asked whether I required CGC authentication, Signature Series. Yes. I am sooooo happy they were there. Please bring them back, at least for the Stan Lee signings. This a really BIG thing. How can you NOT have them present ?!?

  37. Alex says:

    OMG. This is a HUGE letdown. Not having CGC present for Stan Lee signings defeats the whole purpose. CGC cannot authenticate the books for Signature Series, unless an onsite CGC representative witnesses the act in some fashion. Last year, the Comic Con provided for CGC witnesses for the event. Please do not fail us in this regard. If you do anything, DO this one thing. Thank you.

  38. Jennifer Birks says:

    I have purchased the package for my daughter and I haven’t gotten any information on when the times are at all. It said on here they are available but do they send an e-mail to you or something? I have gotten nothing. Thanks

  39. Chelsea says:

    Can you please give us an autograph schedule? The Photo Op schedule isn’t useful for us only looking to get an autograph as there is no indication if he will be signing things before or after the Photo Op times, and as far as I understand, he will not be doing autographs at the same time as Photo Ops. (Which seems… unnecessarily complicated, but alright.) A lot of us have a ton to do in the days we are there and we need to start planning which events we’ll attend and such.

    Please give us an autograph schedule ASAP…. if you can’t provide one before Friday please let us know where such a thing will be posted at the con, and/or have your staff WELL informed of what is going on and when? Last year I paid for an autograph and didn’t get one because the line was such a mess, the staff didn’t know what was happening, and so on. I sincerely hope I don’t regret paying for one again this year.

  40. Alex says:

    HAH !! SLC CC, you do realize that’s the link to your Photo Ops page, right ? Absolutely no help there. So, please answer the question “Will there ever be a separate Autographs page ?? I’d like to know this as well as everyone else. Thank you.

  41. Tracy Vega says:

    Does anyone know when the autograph session will be with Stan Lee. I purchased for autographs but I can’t find a day or time for this.

  42. Tracy Vega says:

    That’s what I’m trying to find out. I purchased autographs. It doesn’t show day or times for this.

  43. Mark says:

    I’ve received 2 emails giving me a scheduled time for my photo options, but they were for both Thursday and Friday and I’m only attending on Saturday. Will I still be able to use it on Saturday?

  44. Alex says:

    For future reference … CGC witnesses were present for the Stan Lee signings. They accompany him to all the conventions, they said. So I would assume their return, should Stan Lee return, to any future SLCCC events.

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