Tris and Four go Beyond the Wall: New Allegiant Trailer

Over the course of the Divergent saga, the world of the movies, adapted from the trilogy of novels by Veronica Roth, keeps opening wider and wider, and from the look of this trailer, things are changing in this post-apocalyptic setting like never before.

This installment looks to continue the striking visuals of the last two chapters—though while most of the crazy stuff was confined to dreams or those hallucinatory inner journey things, it looks like Allegiant ramps up things in the real world. They’re cranking up the hard sci-fi vibe quite a bit here, with all kinds of futuristic crafts, those weird bubble things the characters float in, and more. If nothing else, this should be a spectacle to behold

The Divergent Series: Allegiant hits theaters opens March 18, and the saga wraps up with The Divergent Series: Ascendant next year on June 9, 2017.