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The Spectrum: How ‘Ghostbusters’ cosplay ignited a lasting friendship

(The Spectrum) When I went wandering the halls of the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City at the last Salt Lake Comic Con in search of interesting costumes to photograph, I didn’t think I’d end up as an impromptu member of a cosplay group who was on their way to prejudging for the cosplay contest.

But that’s exactly what happened.

The world is divided into two camps by the existence of the new Ghostbusters movie: Those who love it and appreciate it, and those who are wrong. The very existence of these four female leads has made a big impact on girls and women who have longed to dress up as strong, smart and funny characters. That was made incredibly apparent at Salt Lake Comic Con 2016.

I kept coming across women dressed as characters from the Paul Feig movie, all of them proudly sporting their attire — owning the powerful persona that is a leading lady. Our own audience analyst, Casie Forbes, even donned a Jillian Holtzmann cosplay, complete with a proton pack that she built herself.

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