The Spectrum: POP Life guru on comic-cons, pop culture, and eSports in Utah

Pop Life at Salt Lake Comic Con 2016

(The Spectrum)  It’s no secret my adventures in the pursuit of all things pop culture have led me to a lot of interesting folks (..) Dressed in a floral print shirt and sporting a MacBook under arm, MD was the epitome of the marriage of fun and business. He brimmed with excitement; events like Salt Lake Comic Con are clearly his bag.

“What we’re doing now is to really focus, with (SLCC founders Dan Farr and Brandenburg’s) support and their advice, taking their model and bringing it to Asia,” he said.

MD is speaking about POP Life FanXperience, which was featured in the Philippines in June and is currently under way in China. It’s a collaborative effort between POP Life and Salt Lake Comic Con, and it’s modeled after Salt Lake Comic Con’s own FanX.

“Dan and Brian really have a good formula,” MD continued. “Without a doubt, working with Salt Lake organizers has been very impressive. (It’s impressive) what they’ve done in such a short time frame.”


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