Top 100 Facebook Posts of 2014

Here are the Top 100 Facebook Posts of 2014 (in chronological order) from the official Salt Lake Comic Con page! Make sure to head over to our page and check out the latest guest announcements, event updates, and awesome memes from Salt Lake Comic Con and FanXperience. Keep liking, sharing, and commenting on posts for chances to win incredible prizes!


1. Never underestimate Orc Engineering


2. Great, now I’m hungry


3. Just impractical


4. And they will not be invited


5. Every Make and Model


6. I’ll need Marty’s shoes


7. This is how you break the internet


8. Amy Pond!


9. Karl Urban: Bones, Dredd, Eomer, etc.


10. Captain Mal


11. Heart…melting…


12. Turtle Power


13. The Illustrious Patrick Stewart


14. Adorbs


15. Because ChiChi is terrifying


16. Captain Jack Harkness


17. This is my boomstick


18. Instant Flame War


19. It would be…criminal


20. A Misunderstood Artist


21. Honda X-Wing


22. Ew, don’t touch him


23. Dog is not pleased


24. Lost Boys


25. So many GamerPoints


26. Earth’s Mightiest Hero


27. Just another day


28. Best Bromance Ever


29. As You Wish


30. A Hobbit portion of Cons


31. Ties AGAAAAAIN!!


32. Because Hiddleston


33. Alas, poor Oberyn


34. Rollin’ Solo


35. Get me a knife and some salt!


36. Lex Luthor


37. “My allegiance is to The Republic, to Democracy!”


38. That’s an epic cake


39. Happy America!


40. Wolowitz


41. Green Arrow


42. He failed…


43. We Dream of Jeannie


44. Alan Tudyk himself


45. You Monster! 😉


46. The Con Car


47. Hulkamania!


48. The Legend


49. The lovely Charisma Carpenter


50. He’s Batman


51. The Golden Era of Cartoons


52. THE Voice


53. Haldir


54. Smooth move, Fox


55. I am Groot!


56. Good luck getting it


57. The Show Must Go On


58. Batman and…


59. RIP Robin Williams


60. The Return of Stan


61. Like an animation cell


62. Wake me up when Hydra’s back!


63. Super Salt Lake Comic Con 2014


64. Bieber vs. Bloom!


65. The One and Only Ron Perlman


66. Including Smaug the Terrible


67. Any Day Now…


68. Mr. Spock


69. You heard The Man


70. We love you, Stan!


71. I can see myself in this picture


72. We couldn’t do it without you


73. Captain, Captain Jack Sparrow


74. Hot as the Cracks of Doom


75. And we’ll blow that one up, too!


76. Tight Pants a Must


77. Joss=Boss


78. “Good…good…”


79. So terrifying


80. I an NOT ready


81. My parents are dead!


82. Elder Vader and Elder Maul


83. So close, I can almost taste it


84. Blowing up planets puts you on the Naughty List


85. Weeeeeeee are Groot


86. Probably the best soundtrack ever


87. Fanboys and Fangirls rejoice!


88. Great Scott!


89. Malfoy, in the flesh


90. He seeks the Onion Rings of Power


91. Awkward solo, hilarious en masse


92. Codex!


93. Sweep the leg


94. I choose green.


95. Hoard gold, burn villages…


96. Like butter over too much bread


97. He was Hamlet, also


98. *Alarms Blaring*


99. Superman Returns


100. Logical, indeed

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