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Top Ten Geek Ways to Call in Sick

By Aimee Gertsch

You want to go to Salt Lake Comic Con, but you have this pesky thing called a job standing in your way. With any luck, your boss isn’t a geek and won’t understand what you are saying if you use any of the following excuses. On the flip side, if your boss is a geek, maybe he will let you off because of your creativity and all around geek knowledge. Either way, it can’t hurt to try, right?

Top Ten Geek Ways to Call in Sick:

  1. My brother Loki is in town and I’ve got to keep an eye on him.
  2. I’m taking the hobbits to Isengard.
  3. My Midi-chlorians are high and they want me to have further testing.
  4. We have an infestation of tribbles.
  5. Our sentry turret is malfunctioning, I can’t get out of the house.
  6. My flux capacitor is out of plutonium.
  7. I was exposed to gamma rays and am feeling a bit green. You don’t want to get me mad.
  8. Sorry I won’t be in today, I have to study for the Kobayashi Maru.
  9. Leonard isn’t home and my bus pants are dirty.
  10. My Tauntaun is sick and needs to go to the vet.

If it works, let us know! Share your geek inspired excuses below.

29 replies
  1. Sarah Moss says:

    There’s an alien infestation in Las Vegas near route 427. I’m going to have to nuke the site from orbit – it’s the only way to be sure.

  2. Brantz Woolsey says:

    My Italian plumber was on shrooms and instead of fixing my toilet, made my sewer back up.

  3. Matty says:

    I just broke my back, but it’s OK — I’ve hired a temp. His name is Jean Paul Valley. I heard he’s great and has an excellent temperament.

  4. Devan Chatelain says:

    My longtime friend and sometimes nemesis, Professor Xavier (often confused with a certain captain) has asked me to perform his nuptials. Due to my ability to manipulate even the most stubborn metals, I also eliminate the need for a ring bearer. As my gift to the happy couple, I will be providing a fireworks show of my own making. Don’t worry, Merry and Pippin are not invited.

  5. Brooke P says:

    “Hi, this is _____ I’m calling in dead today”
    My brother actually did this once. The reason he got away with it, his boss told him, was that it made her laugh so she had to say “ok”.

  6. Scott says:

    The Kurgan is in town and while you may think news like this is something to lose your head over I REALLY need to get to holy ground. (Comic Con is on Holy Ground right?)

  7. Hajoxsu says:

    Hey boss! Something important came up. I gotta take an exam. The Mark of Mastery exam. So I won’t be able to come in today. Sorry! Savin’ the worlds and all, hard work ya know?

  8. Glenn LaPointe says:

    Yeah, like, a Hellmouth totally opened up in my basement. I’m gonna need a couple extra days off so I can save the world and stuff.

  9. David O. P. says:

    I have to go help my sister. She’s being harassed buy a really fat guy on a boat. If I don’t come back, I probably fell overboard and was eaten.

  10. Pharmacy Student says:

    you see, boss, I was hanging out in the Cantina at that wretched hive of scum and villainy; tempers flared, one thing to another, and, i swear, he shot first

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