Update on Pre-Registration at PC Laptops

Did you pre-register at PC Laptops locations across the Wasatch Front today? If so, check out our newly updated Pre-Registration page for more details:

Find out all the details here!

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  1. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Yes. You will be given your special VIP wristbands, Photo Ops vouchers and lanyards as you enter the Salt Palace through the VIP Entrances, located at each Registration Area.

  2. Blake says:

    I ordered vip tickets 3 months ago and have yet to receive the said pdf file with which to printout said tickets I have sent in a support ticket. Is there anything else I can do if I do not receive a response in time?

  3. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Sending a support ticket was the right thing to do. They should get in touch with you shortly.

  4. Callie says:

    I just wanted to say that the people at PC laptops are amazing. They gave one of my friends some extra tickets and told her to pay it forward. I was able to get a pass tomorrow and I am so grateful! I wanted to go so that I could maybe see the Star Trek TNG cast members… and now I get that chance! Thanks so much PC Laptops and FanX for giving me the chance to go, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have!

  5. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Everyone needs to register. If you would like to avoid the on-site registration line, you can pre-register.

  6. Jason says:

    I bought 2 3 day VIP tickets and I pre registered at pc laptops I also have two Thursday wristbands they gave me also are they extra?

  7. Heidy says:

    I just bought regular Saturday tickets because of work during the week. Preregistered @ PC Laptops but recieved no wrist band or anything just had our copied online ticket scanned&registered. Does this mean we still have to wait in a line for wristbands or what?

  8. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Yes, we ran a promotion for a while that all persons who purchased a VIP ticket would get an extra Thursday ticket. You may gift those to the friend/family of your choice.

  9. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    You will still need to get your wristbands at registration in order to enter the event. If you would still like to get your wristbands early, the Salt Palace will be open starting at 8:00AM on Thursday.

  10. Suzie says:

    I know pre register starts at 8am. When is it done? If I can’t make that, what’s my other option?

  11. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    You will still need to register upon arrival. We’ll be registering people all day.

  12. Deb says:

    Will there be lanyards today at the salt palace.?They didn’t have any Tuesday at PC laptops and they didn’t have any yesterday at the salt palace at 3;30.


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