FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention Sept 6-8, 2018

Utah Daily Chronicle- Comic Con Still Keepin’ Things Interesting

(Utah Daily Chronicle)  This last weekend, the Salt Palace opened its doors to a variety of celebrities and attendees for the fourth annual Salt Lake Comic Con. With celebrities and vendors hailing from every fandom, the convention made for a delightful exploration of all things “nerd.”

Walking into the convention hall was a little like diving into a swimming pool. The sheer number of people was occasionally overwhelming, and it often seemed easier to continue moving than to stop and admire displays. Yet, despite the incredible amount of traffic, each booth’s unique and unusual items ranging from dragons worn as bracelets to leather corsets, couldn’t help but draw the eye. Artist’s Alley, the hub for all this, overflowed with various interpretations of movies and comics, side by side with original characters and zines. Artists and vendors were more than happy to answer any questions, or simply chat about their work with whoever stood at their table.


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