Barbie Blank F.K.A. Kelly Kelly

Welcome Barbie Blank to Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience

Please welcome Barbie Blank to the Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience on April 17-19, 2014! Barbie Blank is an American model, professional wrestler and professional wrestling valet, better known by her ring name Kelly Kelly. She is best known for her time with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Blank has a background in gymnastics and cheerleading. She studied broadcast journalism, hoping to become a television anchor and worked as a model for Venus Sportswear and Hawaiian Tropic.
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  1. Matt says:

    Is Dan Farr getting desperate in bringing people to the Comic Con this year? First a Monkee and now a wrestler? Am I wrong or did I think that Comic Con was for Sci-Fi- and Fantasy people? Not saying I would not like to meet her because she is hot but I hope we can bring more people like Billy Dee Williams and more Star Wars Characters to meet.

    I heard Inglebert Humperdink was looking to do something in April. Maybe we can get him as well to show up along with 3 Dog Night. Hahaha

  2. Andrea says:

    I know, right? What does a wrestler have to do with comic-con? I want nerdy-cool people to come, not wrestlers.

  3. Change says:

    It’s FanX right that means fan of everything I think it’s great they are bringing in other stuff than just stuff from comic books and tv shows

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