Press Release: Yahoo Finance: Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX 2015 Takes Flight Today

FANX Generic FB Event banner

Salt Lake Comic Con kicked off FanXperience (FanX), “The Ultimate Fan Celebration,” today with Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker declaring it Salt Lake Comic Con’s Day of Heroes in Salt Lake City.

“Salt Lake Comic Con has brought to our Capital City every sort of comic book, movie and television hero, from Captains of the Enterprise and leaders of the Rebellion, to costumed heroes and more Doctors than you can shake a Dalek’s plunger at,” said Mayor Ralph Becker, Mayor of Salt Lake City. “The great city of Salt Lake is welcoming of everyone who seeks to celebrate, share and strengthen the arts and culture, whether through comics, crafts, movies, games, or steampunk unicorn Deadpool costumes.”

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