ABC4: 7 things to do before you get to Salt Lake Comic Con

(ABC4) Chris Provost, Official MC of Salt Lake Comic Con joined Midday with tips to get ready for Salt Lake Comic Con.

First, download the app!  It will allow you to plan your schedule, and receive notifications when panels and events you have signed up for are happening.

Second, follow the Salt Lake Comic Con Facebook page for their countdown video!  They will share a new tip in each video to help you have the best experience at Salt Lake Comic Con.

Third, don’t wait – Photo Ops are on sale now!  Purchase a photo with one of your favorite celebrities today.

Fourth, wear comfortable shoes!  The vendor hall alone is 515,000 square feet.  With so much to do and see you will be walking all weekend.

Fifth, take Trax!  Parking can be sparse and with so many people attending, the best way to travel is public transportation.

Six, remember to hydrate and eat!  With all the excitement, it can be hard to remember to take care of yourself (…)