ABC4: Comic creators, authors and artists coming to Salt Lake Comic Con

(ABC4) Salt Lake Comic Con is coming soon. Chris Provost, official MC of Salt Lake Comic Con, joined Midday to talk about the comic creators, authors, and artists who will be here. J. Scott Campbell is known for being a co-creator of Gen13 and Danger GirlJoe Rubinstein is known as being an inker for Micronauts, Jim Starlin’s Warlock, Frank Miller’s original Wolverine Miniseries and Aquaman.

Gus Vazquez is known for being a Marvel Comics Sunfire artist, Big Hero 6, Deadpool, X-Force, and Spider-Man. Mike Zeck is known for Kraven’s Last Hunt, Circle of Blood, and The Secret War Series. Howard Lyon is known for being an artist for World of Warcraft card game, Magic the Gathering, Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons. (…)