Tips for Salt Lake Comic Con – September 21-23, 2017

The great big world of comic con can seem a bit overwhelming – even to a seasoned con attendee.  So many things to see, people to meet, autographs to get, and pictures to pose for can leave the most educated scratching their head wondering, “What do I do next?”. In order to help along in your stellar journey at Comic Con, we are offering some tips and advice.

Have a meeting place for friends and family BEFORE you separate.

Hey, we understand that the excitement is so overwhelming that it is easy to ride like the wind and scatter once you see your first set of stormtroopers, but having a location backup plan to meet your loved ones ensures everyone is accounted for later.

Waiting in lines patiently is much appreciated by all fanboys and fangirls alike.

The last thing we know you want to hear is “NO CUTS” screamed from behind you. After all, a little time in line gives you a chance to meet someone new and discuss all the gaming tips you missed.

Starving is not recommended and “hydration” is not the name of a planet!

Eat breakfast before you attend the con. We know we sound like your mother, but seriously the only fainting we want anyone doing is when Norman Reedus addresses you by name! Water, water, water! Keep it flowing.

Food courts are available at the expo with a flotilla of food trucks outside!

Say cheese!

Taking pictures are one of the best activities at comic con.  When you walk in the door and see Superman, Captain America, and a Cyborg all standing next to each other you know this opportunity may never happen again! When taking pictures be courteous and aware of others around you while on the showroom floor or at the celebrity booths.  Waiting for the perfect picture can cause the pesky lines to be longer than needed and an all out traffic collision in the walkways.  So, be quick, be happy, and smile.

Our Cosplay Meet-Ups are highly recommended! Check the schedule to see when your fandom will be lining up together.

Ah yes… the comic con hygiene talk…

March can be warm in Utah and tens of  thousands of your peers will be enjoying the days of pop culture bliss.  Did you pick up on the tens of thousands?  Deodorant is your best friend. Remember when you are in line – you will want to make a good impression! And have some breath mints. When getting that celebrity photo op, the last thing you want is your celebrity crush looking around for that “funny smell”.

The golden wristband of life!

Well ok, it’s not exactly golden – but your RFID wristband for your admission is your lifeline to all things comic con.  Not only will you need it to get through doors but you will also need it for some of the festive events happening outside the Expo or after hours. Don’t forget to activate your wristband!

Stop! Panel time!

The panels are a very popular event happening at comic con.  First time attendees may be let down when they mosey over to the panel room only to find that it filled up half an hour before.  Panels have limited seating, but HUGE rewards so plan out your panel schedule and arrive at LEAST 30-45 min before it begins to secure your spot. If you are a VIP/Gold/Multipass holder, you can also use our ZipQ System to reserve yourself a spot in the panel!

Wear comfortable shoes!

Standing and walking will be the name of the game at comic con.  Comfortable shoes equal happy feet and happy feet equal a good time (plus more mileage for the next day.)

Bring your chunk of change!

ATM’s will be available throughout the show room floor and many booths and artist are now taking credit cards – however there is nothing like stone cold hard cash! Plus it is one less line you have to wait in.

Cosplay congeniality

Cosplayers make the comic con world go round! How would you ever see a walking Tardis or an adult size Finn if it was not for those amazing costume creators?  If you see a costume and love it – tell them.  Chances are they worked hard with blood sweat and tears to have it done on time.  They will appreciate your approval. Make sure to read our Cosplay Rules and Harassment Policy as well.

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