Salt Lake Comic Con Zombie Invasion Ball

Daily Herald covers our Zombie Invasion Ball

Thanks for the press, Daily Herald!

Each evening as the sun drifts closer and closer to the Salt Lake City skyline, its dwindling light casts an eerie reddish glow on the buildings across the valley. No matter how peaceful the evening, the blood-like glint of the dying sun painting the landscape could send chills down anyone’s spine.

Now imagine that strange glow lighting up the walls and windows of the Utah State Capitol, where the strange movement of the shadows lends even more to the inexplicable uneasiness. One might think the Capitol would be the perfect place for an impending zombie apocalypse, and the creators of the Salt Lake Comic Con couldn’t agree more.

It’s at the State Capitol at 5 p.m. on Friday that zombies will line up to invade, with a full-fledged invasion beginning at 6 p.m. But before you grab your pitchforks, rifles and flaming torches to save civilization as we know it, consider joining in on the fun — this good-natured invasion is all about dancing.” Read More HERE

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