Earth to Echo Early Screening Ticket Giveaway!


Salt Lake Comic Con has three pairs of tickets to give away for an early screening of Earth to Echo this Monday at the Megaplex Gateway! Leave a comment below to tell us why you should win.

The screening is Monday, June 23rd at 7pm at the Megaplex Gateway. Please arrive no later than 6:45pm.

Winners will be chosen and contacted by email today.

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  1. Karen Chidester says:

    Looks a lot like ET and I loved that movie! It is so much fun being the first to see a movie and them giving your movie review.

  2. Mary L says:

    My teen and preteen really want to see this movie and getting them out of the house is difficult lately getting these tickets would get them out just to see it. There are 6 of us in the family and any thing helps us in going places

  3. Eric B says:

    I would really want to take a girl I like on the best date ever. She is totally into scifi so this movie would be perfect.

  4. Edward Wilson says:

    Because my niece keeps telling me I’m the coolest Uncle ever because I take her to see all sorts of cool stuff. Like Comic Con and Fan X (all 6 days). We go to the Zoo and Clarke Planetarium and are both looking forward to this September. She would totally Love this!

  5. PD Lortz says:

    Actually saw trailer and reminds me of another one called “Wall-E” and would really like to see it. FREE is always nice, then i could help promote it through social media as well

    I would also post my review with the tag that I got the free tickets from the “Salt Lake Comic Con” which helps to continue to promote your event as well.

    ALWAYS willing to help promote great local events [like Comic Con, which I have attended both past events too]

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