Galaxy Training Academy at FanXperience 2016’s KidCon

Are you ready to defend the galaxy? Join the Galaxy Training Academy at FanXperience 2016’s KidCon and find out! Our Cadets are tested and tried with the best of the best to see if they’re up to snuff. Explore the cosmos, decode alien messages and save the galaxy! Once your training is complete, you’ll receive your Certificate of Achievement, proving that you can protect us from any intergalactic threat.

The Galaxy Training Academy is FREE, simply sign-up at the booth in KidCon. No pre-registration needed, Ages 5 and up.

Our Galaxy Training Academy includes:

  • Mission Control – Recruits start here to be debriefed, view mission logs, and receive orders in order to complete their galaxy training.
  • Physical Fitness – All prospective officers need to warm up in order to complete missions. Report here to do your daily calisthenics!
  • Walk on the Moon – Strap on some moon boots and get ready to navigate a lunar maxe!
  • Saturn’s Rings – Can you help Saturn get its rings back by tossing them where they belong?
  • Alien Attack – Get ready to defend against alien invaders as you toss bean bags to defeat the invading hordes.
  • Laser Field (Junior) – Cadets will maneuver through our stringed laser field without getting touched.
  • Laser Field (Advanced) – For more senior recruits who seek an advanced challenge.
  • Mission Photo Records – Check in here to obtain photographic records to take home after the mission is complete. Bring your own device for free or pay a nominal fee for a professional photo.