FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention Sept 6-8, 2018

Facebook Winners 6/22-6/28

Facebook Winners

Every week we give away free stuff for joining the fun on Facebook. Here’s the winners for the week 6/15-6/28.

Matt Pieper

Wedding Crashers II

Free 3 Day Pass

Emma Faye

Mona Lisa Before….

Free 3 Day Pass

Jeff Lyon

Mona Lisa After….

Free 3 Day Pass

Megan Ashley Scott

Favorite Comic Book Movie.

Free 3 Day Pass AND $40 Artist Alley Voucher

Ed O’Neill

Happy Sunday! Fantasy vs. Reality

Free Celebrity Photo Op $30-$75 Value

Sarah Elaine Kasper Fackrell

Cosplay Rules

Free 3 Day Pass

Travis Ryan

Sal Velluto Announcement

Free 3 Day Pass

Amber Hayford

Film Festival Announcement

Free VIP Pass

Tyler Farr

Little Red – Once upon a time…

Free 3 Day Pass

Jenny Engleman Chavez

Batman’s greatest enemy…

Free 3 Day Pass

Jennifer Hill Lamont

Scary Statues…

Free 3 Day Pass AND a Free Photo Op with Adam West

Evan M. Peyton

Howard Tayler Announcement.

Free 3 Day Pass AND a $30 Gift Certificate to Night Flight Comics

Melissa Markland

Dan Farr Cosplay.

Free 3 Day Pass

David Jackola

Art is Creation…

Free 3 Day Pass AND a $40 Artist Alley Voucher

Ash Hadean

Vitruvian Alien

$40 Artist Alley Voucher

Contact us to claim your prize

19 replies
  1. Melissa M says:

    Really??? I won??? I can’t believe it!!! i’m so excited to go! im gonna go start making my cosplay dress right now!

  2. Jennifer L says:

    I am SO excited I won!! I never win anything! (guess I can’t say that anymore!) Can’t wait to see you guys in September!!

  3. Jennifer L says:

    Ooops….hit send too early! What’s involved with the photo op? Just a photo, or is there an autograph as well. Just trying to figure out a budget for the Con, & it’s so nice to get a break on at least one pass! 🙂 You guys totally made my day!

  4. Rachael Moody says:

    but… my name is not here….? I am SAD! Life’s not worth living if I can’t get a 3-day pass to Salt Lake City Comicon!!! waaaa…..

  5. Lindsay Petersen says:

    Dear Comic Con,
    I have liked/shared everytime in Facebook. I was with you from the beginning. I am a poor newlywed. I am one of the biggest fans of Jonathan aka RiKER. He is my hero! Is there any chance I could score some tix?! I would share the greatness of comic con with everyone I know. I just want a picture of Mr. FRAKES and if possible for him to tell me that ‘He’s Proud of Me’. Now the second is up to Jonathan, but can you find it in your geek hearts to help me out!?
    With Love,

  6. Andy says:

    Unfortunately, Jonathan Frakes will no longer be there because he will be at Patrick Stewart’s wedding that same weekend. Bummer…

  7. Dan Nielsen says:

    I was wondering if you guys could try and get Ben Edlund to come to salt lake for the Con. This is gonna be Awesome and I can’t wait!

  8. Evan says:

    Yay! Thanks so much guys, I won’t stop spreading the word!! I was wondering if I could use this pass and get the one I bought for myself refunded?

  9. c.k. says:

    This almost seems “fixed” all the names are from a particular generation, in other words younger than 40 I’m sure there are more entries from a particular age group, but I have submitted many entries – wrote captions etc. Just because a person is older doesn’t mean they are financially well off – we like to win things once in a while too

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