Facebook Winners 9/15

Every week we give away free stuff for joining the fun on our official Facebook page. To enter, like/comment on select Facebook posts. The best comment wins.

To claim your prize, click here:

and fill out the form. Your info will be sent directly to our contest handlers. Please be patient, prizes are usually sent out the week after winners are announced!

If you won a Photo Op, we will send your prize as soon as they go on sale. PLEASE include which day you would like it for. You can find the list here.

Brad Myers

Subaru Wrap Voting

Pair of VIP Passes

Mallory Kundl

Subaru Wrap Voting

Pair of Multipasses

Vic Green

Subaru Wrap Voting

Pair of Multipasses

Jacob Johnson

Subaru Wrap Voting

Pair of Multipasses

Eleanore Johanson

Subaru Wrap Voting

Pair of Multipasses

Ian Fitzgerald

Subaru Wrap Voting

Pair of Multipasses

Aly Reed

Subaru Wrap Voting

Pair of Multipasses

Grant Beckler

Vote for the Wrap

Pair of VIP Passes

Cynthia Chan

Favorite Photo Op

$30 Photo Op Voucher

Samuel Thomas

STW Willa Holland

Photo Op with Willa Holland

Raymond Schwartz

STW – Jodi Benson

Photo Op with Jodi Benson

Rhonda Gowers

Favorite Face – Video

Pair of VIP Passes

Taylor Prince

Favorite Face – Video


Debra Marie Francis

Favorite Face – Video


Lilli Jacobs

Favorite Face – Video


Bryson Oleson

Favorite Face – Video


Kelly Orton

Favorite Face – Video


Paul Harder

Favorite Face – Video


Thomas Rohrer

Favorite Face – Video


Ben Bowers

Favorite Face – Video


Kaya Bassett

Favorite Face – Video


Cyndi Holt

Favorite Face – Video


Caryn Rudolph

Elijah Wood – Video

Multipass and Photo Op with Elijah Wood

Pat Parham

Val Klimer – Video

Multipass and a Photo Op with Val Kilmer

Jess Arnold

John Cusack – Video

Multipass and Photo Op with John Cusack

Finn Werner

Jon Bernthal – Video

Multipass and Photo Op with Jon Bernthal

Rachel Ruth Digby-Bustamante

STW Jon Bernthal Video

Photo Op with Jon Bernthal

Collette Locascio

Banner Contest

Pair of VIP Passes and a $100 Photo Op Voucher

Jen Crocker

Wil Wheaton – Video

Multipass and Photo Op with Wil Wheaton

Roman Martinez

Thor Screening – Video

Pair of tickets to screening

Christy Horne Burningham

Val Kilmer Event Contest

Val Kilmer Photo Op

Dani Harter

Michael Rooker Event Contest

Michael Rooker Photo Op

John Wimberly

Thomas F. Wilson Event Contest

Thomas F. Wilson Photo Op

Heather Farscape

Wil Wheaton Event Contest

Wil Wheaton Photo Op

Amber Hayford

Catherine Tate Event Contest

Catherine Tate Photo Op

Emily A. Sudol

John Barrowman Event Contest

John Barrowman Photo Op

Kathryn Winston

Jewel Staite Event Contest

Jewel Staite Photo Op

Amanda Day Stevens

Sean Gunn Event Contest

Sean Gunn Photo Op

Lisa Myer

Will Friedle Event Contest

Will Friedle Photo Op

Jessica Lynn Wallace

Christopher Lloyd Event Contest

Christopher Lloyd Photo Op

Alison Barton

Jason Gray-Stanford Announcement


Heather Mitchell

Rock Sugar

Pair of Bash Tickets

Brooke Allee Wa

Kids’ Wristbands

Thursday Pass

Erica Abner Stark

Catherine Tate – Video

Multipass and a Photo Op with Catherine Tate

Alisha McIntosh

Recovery Day Rally

Thursday Pass

Stephanie Ware

Corbin Bernson Event Contest

Corbin Bernson Photo Op

Gina Kim Morrow

Eoin Macken Event Contest

Eoin Macken Photo Op

Samuel Thomas

Jess Harnell Event Contest


Scott Parker

Eliza Dushku Event Contest

Eliza Dushku Photo Op

Ben Fuller

Chris Sabat Event Contest


Arturo Lazareno

Sean Schemmel Event Contest


Penny Fay

Ross Marquand Event Contest

Ross Marquand Photo Op

Rebecca Hampshire

Richard Dean Anderson Event Contest

Richard Dean Anderson Photo Op

Kristen Robinson Jacobsen

John Cusack Event Contest

John Cusack Photo Op

Roberta Dixon Ramos

Jon Bernthal Event Contest

Jon Bernthal Photo Op

Danielle Nelson

Brian Herring Event Contest

Brian Herring Photo Op

Richard Graham

Michael Biehn Event Contest

Michael Biehn Photo Op

Michelle Lange

Rob Schneider Event Contest

Rob Schneider Photo Op

Brittany Iris

Milo Ventimiglia Event Contest

Milo Ventimiglia Photo Op

Morgan Ward

Joan Cusack Event Contest

Joan Cusack Photo Op

Mary Capizzi

Jack Stauffer Event Contest

Jack Stauffer Photo Op

Stephanie Burr Albiston

Elodie Yung Event Contest

Elodie Yung Photo Op

Ashleigh Allan Read

Dick Van Dyke Event Contest

Dick Van Dyke Photo Op

Stetson Scott Kuta

Jason Faunt Event Contest

Jason Faunt Photo Op

Brittany Gailey

Willa Holland Event Contest

Willa Holland Photo Op

Melissa Barton

Chris Sullivan Event Contest

Chris Sullivan Photo Op

Glen Mckean

Herbert Jefferson Jr. Event Contest

Herbert Jefferson Jr. Photo Op

Alaina Curran

Elijah Wood Event Contest

Elijah Wood Photo Op

Jen Crocker

Gates McFadden Event Contest

Gates McFadden Photo Op

Kandi Prickett

Keith Coogan Event Contest

Keith Coogan Photo Op

Mischelle Millwee

Stephen Amell Event Contest

Stephen Amell hoto Op

Rachel Ruth Digby-Bustamante

Jodi Benson Event Contest

Jodi Benson Photo Op

Sadie Hunter

Christopher Judge Event Contest

Christopher Judge Photo Op

Sydney Hanks

Christopher Daniel Barnes Event Contest

Chris Daniel Barnes Photo Op

Keola Holt

Zachary Levi Event Contest

Zachary Levi Photo Op

Jeff Olsen

Vanessa Marshall Event Contest


Julia Nieto

Jason Gray-Standford Event Contest

Jason Gray-Stanford Photo op

Peter King

Stargate Stars


Rebecca Lecca Hi

This Is Us Stars


Liz Cole

Thor Screening

Thursday Pass

Carrie Johnson

Jewel Staite – Video

Multipass and Photo Op with Jewel Staite

Michael Molleman

Comic Con Tips Day 1 – Video

Pair of Multipasses

Dylan Kelly

Download the App

Thursday Pass

Karina Tucker

Zachary Levi – Video

Multipass and Photo Op with Zachary Levi

D Cooper Linde

Walking Dead Stars


Joe Liechty

Comic Con Tips Day 2 – Video

Pair of Multipasses

Sarah Lambourne

Submit Your Exclusive

Thursday Pass

Lynn Ruttenbur

Paul Wesley Announcement

Photo Op with Paul Wesley

Maria Soledad Caraveo

Comic Con Tips Day 3 – Video

Pair of Multipasses

Trichia Marie Magro

Metro PCS Remote

Thursday Pass

Holly McRae

Author Signings

Thursday Pass

David Ashby

Comic Con Tips Day 4 – Video

Pair of Multipasses

Alayne Morris Bernier

Life of Val

Val Kilmer Photo Op

Jess Smith

Gaming Lounge

Thursday Pass