FanXperience 2016 Favorite Fandoms Poll

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  1. maggie a says:

    What? No Firefly? We have a pretty huge fandom of Browncoats in Utah. Even terraformed the fandom that was into a shiny non -profit organization. This list must have been created by the Alliance.

  2. Allison Roesberry says:

    Where’s the Browncoat button? Please a add Firefly to the list of choices! You can’t stop the signal- we need to be represented too!

  3. Nerd of the Night says:

    What about the following fandoms:

    My Little Pony (Bronies)
    Star Craft
    Anime (in general)
    Battlestar Galactica
    Arthur (and other PBS hits)

    Thank you for the consideration.

  4. Chayse says:

    What is Firefly? I have been a fangirl for quite a while and I can’t help but notice all the comments about it! *hides* Anyway, I voted for way more that 3. I have way to many fandoms…. Oops.

  5. Amanda Stevens says:

    So when you vote for Star Trek, are you voting for all versions of it??? Because I would squeal to get to meet Sir Patrick Stewart or William Shatner, but at the same time would die happy if I could meet Chris Pine/Zachary Q…Soo…definitely Star Trek all versions please.

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