Friday Evening Events

The Incredible Lou Ferrigno Panel

In 1977, Lou was cast as the Hulk in The Incredible Hulk. He was cast opposite to Bill Bixby whom he referred to as a mentor and a father figure. In 2000 Ferrigno played himself on the CBS sitcom, The King of Queens, and continued on with the role until 2007. He made cameo appearances as a security guard in the 2003 Hulk film and the 2008 The Incredible Hulk film. Don’t miss his panel at 7pm in the South Ballroom.

Read more about Lou Ferrigno here.


Vincent Lords: Master Hypnotist

Lords’ show is a magical, mystical journey into the subconscious. This audience participation super-show will have you mesmerized as you “see the show” or “be the show”! Lords entrances ordinary people to do extraordinary things under hypnosis. It is a mind-blowing audience experience like nothing you have ever witnessed or participated in before. Join us at 7:00pm in the North Ballroom.

Read more about Vincent Lords here.

Ben Hansen’s Paranormal Panel

Ghost hunter extraordinaire and host of the TV series “Fact or Faked” Ben Hansen will take you on a journey into the paranormal, real and imagined. This adventure begins at 7:00pm in Room 355D.

Uncanny X-Men Trivia

Who was the first member of the X-Men to learn Wolverine’s real name? Which X-Man is a devout Catholic? Join us to flex your mutant mind and show off your X-Men knowledge. Show off your mutant know-how at 7pm in Room 150G.

An Evening with the Salt Lake Pops Orchestra

Join YouTube favorite Salt Lake Pops Orchestra for rousing renditions of Fantasy and Science Fiction-themed music. Come see this musical panel at 8pm in the South Ballroom.

Creature Creations: Gigi Edgley & Russ Adams

Gigi Edgley (Farscape) and Russ Adams (SyFy’s Jim Henson’s Creature Creations) reveal what happens before our favorite creature creations go in front of the camera. Check out their panel at 8pm in the North Ballroom.

Learn more about Gigi Edgley and Russ Adams.

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