It Takes A Village to Make a Comic Con


Salt Lake Comic Con is a group of intense and passionate people who commit their time, energy, and hearts into making an incredible FanXperience for every attendee. We want to take a few moments to recognize, express our appreciation and thank them for their contributions.

Our endlessly dedicated staff. Though the team is small, their impact is anything but. Every detail of the show passes through their hands. They start working long hours months before the show to get everything ready. They live, breathe, eat, and sleep Salt Lake Comic Con. They are passionate about making this show better and better every year, because they truly believe it’s what the fans deserve.

Our incredible volunteers. There are almost 1,000 volunteers who dedicated their time not only over the weekend, but in the weeks leading up to the show. Every aspect of the show happened because of this group. Enormous features like the Trolls, Azog, Gandalf and more had to be carefully packed and moved; badges, lanyards, posters, and shirts were prepared; events were carefully planned and staged; everything you saw or experienced in the Salt Palace was because of them. We can’t thank them enough.

Our fearless volunteer management team. Led by a trio of extraordinary women, this group works year-round preparing for the next show. They have spent countless hours working events, managing schedules, interviewing volunteers, executing plans, and more. This event would be dead in the water if it weren’t for their work.

Our amazing partners. The folks at Utah Media Group, GrowTIX, ABC4/CW30, Visit Salt Lake, the Salt Palace Convention Center, and GES are part of the Salt Lake Comic Con family. They help us make this show the best possible experience and the best event in Utah.

The local and international press. Without the press, Salt Lake Comic Con would not be an internationally recognized event. Their coverage has helped take our event to the next level. We have received international attention because of their work. We do our part by creating real and exciting news as one of the best comic cons in the world. They do their part by spreading the word around the globe.

Our amazing celebrity guests. Our guests make our attendees’ dreams come true. Their smiles and stories and laughter create an experience that just can’t be beat. These interactions turn them from an unreachable icon into a friend. That is an incredible gift to share.

Our talented and creative vendors. Vendors enrich the experience for everyone. They fill hundreds of thousands of square feet of Vendor Hall space with their carefully crafted wares and turn this gigantic space into an experience. They work long hours and leave exhausted, but they also leave our attendees with unforgettable keepsakes and collectibles.

Best selling authors and comic creators. These creators inspire the masses with their words and art. For many attendees, meeting the geniuses behind their favorite books and comics is a lifelong dream come true. The incredible talent they have changes the lives of so many, and it’s an honor to host them for a weekend.

Our FANtastic attendees. Thank you for your support. You are the reason Salt Lake Comic Con has grown so quickly and has established itself as one of the biggest and best comic cons in the country. Our celebrity guests rave about you and you have given us an unbeatable reputation for being welcoming, friendly, and enthusiastic. You are why we do this. Without your support, there would be no Salt Lake Comic Con.

With all the gratitude we have, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for being part of this with us. And without any doubt in our minds, we promise that our next show, Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 will absolutely be the best one ever. You deserve it.


Dan Farr & Bryan Brandenburg
Salt Lake Comic Con Co-Founders