LeVar Burton has canceled

LeVar Burton regrets he will not be attending Salt Lake Comic Con FanX in April as a filming project conflicts with the event.

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  1. Nick Jenkins says:

    This sucks big time. I am coming all the way from California, and my main reasons for going were Levar Burton and Ernie Hudson. I’ve wanted to meet both of them all my life!!!! I’m now worried who else will cancel, seriously downgrading the value of my tickets. 🙁

  2. Kate says:

    So sad:( I won a meet/greet (16DEC2013) with him via the Facebook page contests. Anyway I can have that converted to a Next Generation panel ticket?

  3. Shelly says:

    So Bummed out… I love LeVar’s recent work on Community and Perception… I really wanted to meet him.

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