FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention Sept 6-8, 2018

Must-See Fan Film: Superman VS Hulk!

It’s one of the oldest and most hotly debated questions in all of comic book fandom: Who would win in a fight, Marvel Comics’ Hulk or DC Comics’ Superman?

Mike Habjan, an animator with a passion for these classic characters, seeks to answer that question with his fan film. Done alone as a “just for fun” project in CGI over the course of the last three years, Habjan has recently released part three of the fight, making the film four parts in total. The film incorporates Christopher Reeve’s likeness for Superman, and a Hulk that looks similar to the version seen in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk (Salt Lake Comic Con alumni Lou Ferrigno provided the voice for this character).

Check out the entire fan film, from the meeting to the three-part fight sequence, below. Each part gets progressively longer and more complicated, a testament to what he’s been able to learn and accomplish while making the film: