Pin to Win! Pinterest Contest Winners (6/12/15)

We’re giving away Multipasses to Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 on our official Pinterest page. Watch our active boards for pins marked *PIN to WIN*. Pin onto one of YOUR boards to enter. It’s easy! THANKS FOR HELPING SPREAD THE WORD!

This week’s Adult MultiPass Winners to Salt Lake Comic Con 2015
(September 24-26, 2015. One pass per winner.)

Terry Brooks pins
Ryan McGurl (thery89)
Kirsten Wright (Klemz88)

Joel Hodgson pins
Binea Belliston (blondebanana5)
Savanna Seaman (savster)

Adam Sidwell pin
Javier Rodriguez (guinnessthbrave)

Jim Butcher pin
Wes Farnsworth (wesfarnsworth)

William Stout pin
Tamara (ladyarndt)

Linda Blair pins
Jeannie McMahon (jeannierockin)
Shalane Spence (strlyt13)

Wristbands for Father’s Day pins
Maranda J. (tipywos)
Katelyn Reese (katelyn315)

To claim your prize, click here:

and fill out the form. Your info will be sent directly to our contest handlers. Please be patient, they will contact you as soon as possible! (Update: to get your wristband, contest prize winners will need to bring their printed tickets from their confirmation email to an upcoming registration event.)


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