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Salt Lake Comic Con FanX™ 2017

Psych Panel Lottery FAQ

How many chances do I have to win?

One per ticket on the order associated with the email address used to register. For example, if you bought 3 tickets, you will have 3 chances to win. You could potentially win 3 times.

Do I need to enter more than once?

Nope, once will be sufficient. Entering more than once does not increase your chances and could possibly anger the lottery gods who will thereafter frown on your attempts to win things.

Do passes won from contests give you another chance?

Yes they do. You get 1 entry per ticket in your GrowTix account, so passes that you won will count towards this total.

When will we be notified?


I am a VIP ticket holder, how does the lottery affect me?

You need to enter the lottery. If you receive a ticket, you will need to follow the instructions that come with it to get into the panel. If you do not, you will need to join the overflow line.

VIP Registration ends on: TBA

Registration for everyone else ends on: TBA

What about children 2 and under? Can they sit on my lap?

We will allow lap sitting for under 2 years of age with a winning lottery seat.

If I win can I bring my friend or family member with me?

No, we cannot accommodate +1s.  If the Psych panel was any indication, you might do well to check on the Salt Lake Comic Con Facebook page – our community is amazing and helped each other out by sharing tickets to the panel that they could not use.

Will there be ADA accommodation for this panel?  

There is a page to request accommodations for ADA for all panels. Those accommodations will be provided if you win a ticket for the panel. Please wait to submit the accommodations request until you have received a ticket.

How does this apply to other guests of the convention since we don’t have a traditional badge/pass (press, vendors, etc.)?

The Psych Panel will not be available to Press or Exhibitor Pass holders.

Those who received their badges through some means other than a GrowTix order are not eligible for the Psych panel.

Since I won my pass and can’t get it until next week, is there going to be a work around for that?

You are able to enter the Lottery as long as your pass is linked to a GrowTix account.

All Vouchers will be sent out prior to the event, so if you won recently you will still have time to enter.

So since I can’t get my wristbands registered until Pre-Reg I miss out?

The ability to enter the lottery does not depend on you having a wristband, but rather is linked to your GrowTix account. You may register for the lottery with the email address that is associated with your GrowTix ticket purchase.

What if I don’t purchase my ticket until the day of and not online? Can I still get into the panel?

You are welcome to join the overflow line for an available seating after the lottery winners have been seated.

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